Website Start

Greetings to those who need salvation!!! I am so happy that we have decided to take this journey into madness together. Here are just a few housekeeping details before we get started in earnest:

1. If you are new to the Hangmen universe (how dare you), I would suggest reading this overview of the comic first before moving on to the strips. You can do what you want of course, but I think that the content is experimental enough as it is, even with some context provided.

2. Each new strip will post on the Home page every Monday starting with today (11/30/2015). There was some consideration in regards to posting multiple strips a week, but despite appearances, the creation of each comic is very time consuming, and for sanity's sake you may be better served spacing out consumption a little bit. But if you are determined to binge (careful Icarus), all previous strips can be found in the archive.

3. This very blog will also be updated periodically with both practical information (yawn) and some super terrific auxiliary content (wahoo). Please check the annex for further details. Ooh, Costa Rican Photo Journal (so mysterious).

4. Additionally, please like us on Facebook for all comic updates as well as for some new panels that will be first revealed on the social media behemoth.

Happy Hunting,

M. Allen (writer)