Quick Synopsis of the Comic:

Essentially, the stick figures from the popular literacy time-pass Hangman have formed a society, and in this web comic we follow the goings-on of their organically created justice system. Real slice of life stuff. Each public trial (because transparency) is presided over by the Head Judge who makes the ultimate decision in regards to guilt or innocence.  A jury of your peers is for suckers. I know my peers.

Humor is paramount in this community (funny people are rarely guilty), so the Hangman on trial is tasked with sufficiently amusing the Head Judge as to prove truth and avoid the whole neck-snapping thing. To date, this is considered the most efficient and equitable type of jurisprudence ever constructed (take that Basel's Lower 9th Circuit). Over time mysteries will be unraveled, balance will be restored, and maybe we'll learn just a little bit about ourselves in the process.